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Freightliner Western Star Charge Air Cooler

Freightliner Western Star Charge Air Cooler

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SKU : 613CA142 / HDH010579

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2011-2012 Western Star 4900 WA-WB Models


38 X 26.5" X 2.5

Inlet: 4"

Outlet: 4"



FRT18142 FRT18142N F2001 A0525255000 A0525503000 A0526860000 A0526860001 A0526860002 A0526860003 A0526863000 A0526863004 A0526863005 A0526863006 A0527742000 A0527742001 A0527742002 A0527742003 A0528636002 A0528636003 A0528638000 A0528638001 A0528638002 A0528638003 A0529437001 A0529437002 A0529437003 A0529624000 A0529628000 A0529628001 A0529628003 A0529630000 A0529630001 A0529630002 A0529631001 A0530354000 A0530354001 A0530354002 A0530354003 A0530354009 A0530356000 A0530356001 A0530356002 A0530356003 0130457001 0131242001 0131242003 0131242004 0131242005 MOD3S11850 3S11850 MOD3S0118500000 3S0118500000 18142 01-31242-001 USWSDAC35J US-WSDAC-35J BHWS35J MOD 3S01375300002 222310 441296 HDH010579