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Freightliner Condor / American LaFrance Radiator

Freightliner Condor / American LaFrance Radiator

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SKU : 613RA039 / HDC010143PA

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2000 - 2004 Condor

Core Dimensions:

41" x 28 3/4" x 2 1/4"


Inlet: 2" Top Right

Outlet: 2" Bottom Left




1806338 1A19130 239287 3A51448G 3S51461G 437385S 8000-39ST 800039ST 800039 8000-39 8039 A05-20667-000 A05-20667-001 A05-20668-000 A05-20668-004 A05-20668-006 A05-20668-008 A05-20802-001 A0520667000 A0520667001 A0520668000 A0520668004 A0520668006 A0520668008 A0520802001 FLX000242 FRE28 FRE39 S8039 SRK7100-SPL FR51 FR-51 8000-39 TR9287 SCSI239287 559287 8270 CTVTU82703 SRK7100SPL A0520668010 A0520801000 A0520801001 A0520802000 A0520802002 A0520802003 MOD1A19130 MOD1806338 MOD3S51448G 3S51448G MOD3S51448 3S51448 MOD3A51448G MOD3A51448 3A51448 MOD3S51461G MOD3S51461 MOD3A51461G 3S51461 3A51461G MOD3A51461 3A51461 HDC010143PA HDC010143 CTVTU-8270-3 CTVTU82703